Frame bag Order Instructions

  1. 12 inch ruler
  2. Solid color tape (electrical tape works best)
  3. Bike
  4. Camera

  5. Not required but produces the best results

  6. Bike stand (city park ones work well also!)
Step 1:

  1. Line up and attach the outer edges of colored tape to the 0 and 12 inch rule lines of your ruler

  2. Tape the 'modified' ruler to the top tube of the frame on the side opposite the drivetrain (gears)

Why are these steps necessary?

The ruler must be prepared as described because when you submit your picture, the un-taped rule lines are difficult to visualize in our CAD software.

Step 2:

  1. With the bike in a stand or leaned perpendicular to the ground, take a picture capturing the ruler from 10-15 feet away (the chainring should not obstruct view of frame triangle).

  2. - When taking the picture, the camera should be as level as possible with the center of the bike frame.

  3. Submit the picture as a .PDF to with your order number in the subject line

  4. Get STOKED for your new kit!