Li-BAR-ator Mounting System
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Li-BAR-ator mounting system
(Patent Pending)
The Li-BAR-ator mount does exactly as the name implies: Liberates your handlebars from the clutter of obsolete gear straps & can fit on ANY handlebar with our $15 spacer kit add on

We also designed it with the following in mind:
❯ Have a high weight capacity and an industry leading 275g combined weight

❯ Uses standard bolt hardware throughout which can be found anywhere in the world just in case Murphy's law comes to collect

❯ Allows cable clearence from accessories keeping your cockpit organized and cables protected.

❯ Aluminum mini-peg add on allows for mounting of aero bars, lights, gps's etc directly to the Li-BAR-ator keeping true to the name.

❯ The large slots on the panel are approximately 1.25"/32mm wide meaning any handlebar bag accessory you may already have is compatible!

❯ The included PALS panel interfaces perfectly with the Li-BAR-ator and is compatible with any width stem.

Package includes:

• Libarator mounting arms

• CNC machined PALS panel

• Tool-less, QD & QA mounting system.

The Li-Bar-ator offers a first of its kind functional way to neatly mount a plethora of bags and accessories to your bike leaving your cockpit squared away and elegant.

Here are some key features:

- Designed out of the box to fit 35mm bar diameter with stock spacer options for 31.8mm & 25.4 mm handlebars (select your spacer options in-cart) or any custom diameter you may want spacers for!

- Our included aluminum PALS panel enables you mount any of the 1000's of available MOLLE accessories directly to your handlebars!

- 1/2 inch holes on the side of the Li-BAR-ator allow for use with our mini-peg accessory which allow convenient and adjustable positioning of aero bars, lights, GPS's and other accessories!

- The clamp part of the Li-BAR-ator is designed to have complete thread engagement while fully torqued to any size handlebar (with appropriate spacer kit) using standard non-proprietary 25mm m4 socket head bolts found at any hardware store worldwide should you ever need a replacement.

- When properly torqued, the li-BAR-ator can easily hold up to 50 pounds of mounted gear without movement (it can hold much more but it is not reccommended)

- The four, 6mm holes for mounting the PALS panel are designed to also interface with standard 6mm OD "rivet nuts" allowing you to bolt anything directly to the Li-BAR-ator!

- Package includes a tool-less quick release mechanism designed around our aluminum PALS panel

- The PALS panel features 24 different bolt on mounting slots spread over a 3"x7" area! These slots allow mounting M5, M6, 20 & 40 series standard drop in T-nuts for the ultimate modular platform

Coming soon!