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Aluminum PALS Panel
(Patent Pending)
The Aluminum PALS Panel is an extremely modular, durable and lightweight mounting platform that is designed for our Li-BAR-ator and Orbiter mounting systems. Despite being designed for our products for bike use, our CNC machined PALS panel has incredible potential outside of the Pedal Stoke product ecosystem aswell. This panel is designed for all US mil-spec PALS systems which when combined, create 28 separate bolt on points using two types of simple, mass produced and cheap industrial standard drop in T-nuts!

Package includes:

• CNC machined PALS panel

Here are some key features & uses:

-Each panel only weighs 90 grams & is CNC machined out of 6061 T6 Aluminum right here in Colorado!

- Large Slots can accept up to an M8 bolt and are compatible with standard metric/UNC threaded 40 series hammer head T-nuts

- Small slots accept up to an M6 bolt and are also compatible with UNC/metric threaded 20 series hammer head T-nuts

- Both large & small slots are relatively spaced according to MOLLE/PALS standards, the large slots clear push-snap based accessories and the small straps can be used for other non-snap MOLLE accessories!