The Zip-Giest
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Base Price:
Available Exterior Colors:
Coyote Brown
Wolf Grey
Ranger Green
Tropic Teal
Multi-cam Black (+15)
Multi-cam Original (+15)
Available Interior Colors:
Wolf Grey
Revel Red
Available Thread Colors
Charcoal Grey
Coyote Brown
Cherry Red
Regatta Blue
The Zip-Giest
The Zip-Giest idea was born from my 3 month bike packing adventure across Europe in the summer of 2022. Over those 3 months I became worried that stuffing my tent/sleep gear into my handlebar bag repeatedly would result in a tear/puncture. Luckily it didnt, but it easily could have. I designed this bag to eliminate the need for stuffing gear into a handlebar bag while balancing water resistance and durability.

The Zip-Giest uses a robust YKK no 8 molded plastic tooth zipper which is covered by a color-customizable flap that keeps rain and other non-pressurized jets of water outside of the bag. Constructed with a resiliant and waterproof ECO-Pac exterior layer and coated waterproof nylon fabric interior layer, this bag is built for demanding use in the elements.

The attachment mechanism is not a direct-to-handlebar style and is centered around the MOLLE system. When mounted to the Li-BAR-ator and Orbiter, the Zip-Giest is incredibly rigid and stationary over difficult terrain. However, our ballistic Nylon fabric PALS panel that mounts to the handlebars can work in place of our more expensive mounting systems we manufacture if you do not expect to be riding bumpy terrain.

At first glance, the Zip-Giest appears to be a standard handlebar bag, but under the hood it is so much more!

Here are some key features:

❯ MOLLE compatible - The Zip-Giest can be mounted to our Orbiter, Li-BAR-ator and fabric PALS mounting systems

❯ Fully unzipping handle bar bag that unrolls to aid in unpacking and re-packing at campsites after a long day of riding.

❯ Secondary PALS panel on the front of the bag for mounting an extra small pouch or other MOLLE accessory

❯ Adjustable G-hook cinch system designed to work with our aluminum PALS panel provides a rigid and stationary bag over rough terrain.

❯ Removable keeper strap on the inside your gear 'tucks' into so it doesnt all fall out when you unzip the bag.
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