The Pedal Stoke objective is to make bike travel as widely accessable as possible. We do that by taking inspirations from adventures and and real world use to make gear addressing deficiencies & embracing new ideas.

Here are the pillars of my inventions & business that continue to guide my dream of stoking the pedaling revolution:

❯ Using MOLLE/PALS & other standardized attachment schemes for modular, cross-industry and multi-brand use

❯ Elegant, simple and highly effective products

❯ Rugged and durable products made to endure & excell

❯ Mould-breaking designs that push the limits of bike-capabilities
❯ Product ecosystem that is receptive to your current gear

❯ Products designed by riders for riders

❯ Standard hardware that can be easily sourced worldwide

❯ Made in United States of America - Helping to re-vitalize our domestic work force & industrial core